Claas Reimer – Resonance (CLSRM 009)

Claas Reimer – Resonance (CLSRM 009)

As first release in 2018 CLSRM Digital presents the EP “Resonance” by Claas Reimer including four club tracks from relaxed Deep House up to energetic Techno.

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Some collected feedback

Wieder schön minimal und atmosphärisch!!!! Gefällt mir gut. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Done

Carsten Sommer (TON, Garbo, Musikpool,

Some dope and darkish rollin Tech beauties here…will support and play for sure! Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Done

Pale Penguin (Mecanoplastica Records, Diablo Loco Records, Deep Garnet Records, The Scientifics)

Classic Reimer tech bizz nizz! All tracks have a similar groove which which makes the releases really tight! I like the first and the third track more, but also the darkness in the ohter two! Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Rainforest

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records,  Ricochet Records)

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