Max Würden

Max Würden is a drummer with a passion to play everything which is generating sounds. Since 1987 he is a musician in different formations and composing music for movies since 2001. His tracks consist for nearly 80 % of outdoor recorded samples or samples from sessions with different instruments which he edits electronically. He always leaves the sound to the structure of a song, from the rhythm of which the melody forms, thus creating films for the head and for the screen.


He has already released several tracks and albums on labels such as Kompakt Records, Farfield Records, Tonatome, Circuit and Tinnitus Hörspiele. Additional he created works for the Filmhaus Cologne, Nindo Films, ARD, WDR, Toshiba Germany, General Electric, Edition Roadhouse and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

In 2008 he won the 1live PLAN B radio play competition with LUCID DREAMS and the PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD 2010 / Best music in a short film / Nominated with the soundtrack to the short film BLUFF / CHRISTIAN FISCHER.

For CLSRM Digital he remixed Carsten Kellers track “Radiant feat. Katja” from the release “Totemic”.

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