Claas Reimer – Back From The Vault

Since the start of CLSRM Digital in 2011 Claas Reimer has released a bunch of original tracks on his imprint. This is an essential collection including a wide range of genres: From Downbeat and Chillout to Deep House and House up to Techhouse, Techno and Elektro. Always keeping a focus on a minimal spirit as well as one eye to the dancefloor.

Releasedate: January 31, 2020

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Some collected feedback

Downloaded for Lello B. Thanks. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Pick Up.

Lello B.

Very groovy, and clean mix. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Pick Up.

Miguel Serrano

Very nice collection! I like the flow how it starts how it peaks and how it ends, sounds like every track has a connection with its previous and the next one! Very difficult for a compilation to achieve this! Geisterstadt, Cyberjazz District 9 are my favourites though all tracks have the Claas Reimer signature that i like!

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records, Ricochet Records)

Some top quality tracks. Likin the diversity of the whole album. Will support and play for sure. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Cyberjazz.

Pale Penguin (Mecanoplastica Records, Diablo Loco Records, Deep Garnet Records, The Scientifics)

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