Derek Hasty

It needs not be written that one is influenced by the environment from which they stem, although it rings true once again for Hasty. Born into a family of musicians and creators alike, the music bug buried itself in his mind at an early age. From the very first piano lesson as a child, to creating monophonic ringtones for early 21st century mobile phones, being raised on the cusp of the millennial generation provoked Hasty’s skill set to grow comfortably with the technology enveloping it.


With no formal musical education, Hasty moves forward with his music production as a lesson, an adventure, and a challenge. Striving to create boundless music that cannot be pretentiously strewn about into genres and categories, he draws from experience and inspiration. Warm, deep bass tones circa the Miami Bass Movement in the 90’s. Uplifting, euphoric melodies inspired by the classic Trance sound that eventually enticed Hasty into all things DJ. It’s clear that this man’s taste and style is vast, from the 808 snared-hiphop beats, to the chunky-funky classic house vibes. “Do what you love, love what you do.”

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Gently Squeezed“ to rework it in a cosy melodic way.
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