Sebastian Lomar

As you still can hear his style nowadays is based on his roots of vinyl house sound in the mid 90ies. Sebastian Lomar loves pure underground dance music in different variations. Since his start in 1998 he had DJ gigs with Daniel Steinberg, Terrence Parker, John Lagora, Harry Axt, Sidney Charles, Beatamines, Martinin Broes, Pig & Dan, Mario Aureo, Andy Kohlmann, Ryan Dupree, Santé, Ahmet Sismann, Ingo Boss, Kollektiv Ost, Nils Ohrmann…

In 2008 he founded his own label Mad Music Recordings delivering House, Techhouse and Techno with great artists like Terrence Parker, Scott Orlans, Lauro Martins, Skeet, Sebastian Phillip, Frederick Klein, Bombero y Chica, Christopher-Lawson, Thomas Jung and Claas Reimer.


Beside that he is continously releasing on several international labels: Vainglory Rec. – Canada, Nachtexpress Rec. – Germany, Arch44 Music – U.K., BeatControlRec. – Brazil, Locked Records – Belgium, 4Club Records – Germany, Momentum League – Germany, Tretmühle – Germany, Doppelgänger – Germany, Scrambled Recordings – Germany, Budenzauber – Germany, Mad Music Recordings – Germany…

For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „Physical reaction“ to rework it in a more oldskool way of House/Tech House.

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