Lars Leonhard

His strong liking for electronic music led him to explore the realms of ambient, dub-techno and deep-house and in 2010 he signed with BineMusic on which he released two full albums 1549 and Seasons – Les Quatre Saisons, a 12″ vinyl EP called No Comment and featured on one their compilations. Followed a vinyl release on DimbiDeep and several collaborations.


The American Space Agency NASA spotted Lars in 2013 on Youtube and is currently illustrating its scientific explorations videos with his compositions. Following his participation to Mahiane’s Oxycanta III compilation, Lars Leonhard is working on the release of two digital EPs on Ultimae. For the CLSRM Digital Remixed Project he has chosen the track „District 9“ to rework it in his own relaxed style. He also created a fantastic remix of Carsten Kellers “Metaphorik” in 2017.

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